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Mikhaila Fendor
Board Member

Mikhaila Fendor is the founder of Equilibrium: Center for Restorative Wellness, a virtual conflict resolution center that works primarily with women of color and organizations who are having deep conflicts around race.


She is also a trainer in homeless services and is incredibly impacted by how much homelessness is intersected and perpetuated by the systematic incarceration of unhoused individuals. Overall, she feels motivated by the concepts of narrative and redemption because the opportunity to tell one's story and find redemption is so valuable--especially in regard to humanizing people who’ve been incarcerated.


Born to West African immigrants but raised in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, Mikhaila has a perspective on life that has mainly been informed by the "first generation" experience. Her most impactful teachers have been people who know what it takes to survive with very little resources and who have been forced to be resilient in the face of a traumatizing system working against them. 


Outside of that, she spends a lot of time gardening, cooking, discovering new music, biking, dancing, swimming and taking photos.

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