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Parole Packet Assistance

Parole packets are a series of documents that advocate for an incarcerated individual's suitability for parole and typically range from 30 to 150 pages. Elevate You Foundation offers a thorough review of each parole packet and provides in-depth edits and suggestions upon request, as per Attorney Maya Emig's advice.


Maya Emig is a former attorney with the California Parole Advocacy Program where she handled over 7,000 parole revocation matters and 1,000 lifer hearings. Her training in how to best prepare for an upcoming Board of Parole Hearing is the knowledge that Elevate You Foundation utilizes when providing guidance in the preparation of finalizing a parole packet.  

If you would like to request EYF's parole packet services, please reach out using any of the provided contact information.

Letters of Support for Parole

Elevate You Foundation provides detailed letters of support that articulate the growth, healing, and accomplishments of the currently incarcerated individual as well as the support they would receive during their re-entry transition.


Furthermore, each letter explains the abundance of connections and resources for employment, housing, life coaching, mentoring, vocational and educational opportunities awaiting the individual upon their release if they are granted parole.


These positive possiblities are provided by both Elevate You Foundation and its partners, who also can write letters of support for the individual upon request.

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