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Job Interview

Thorough instruction, advice, and feedback are provided to prepare currently incarcerated individuals and recently paroled people on how to successfully navigate and ace a job interview.

With the information that Elevate You Foundation provides, 100% of applicants said it enhanced their confidence and provided them with a strong foundation of knowledge on how to succeed in an employment interview, while 98% of Elevate You Foundation member's either received a call back, got an employment offer, and/or obtained a promotion.

Job Interview Preparation goes into:

  • How to present themselves in a confident manner

  • What type of questions to expect and how to properly answer them 

  • How to translate and relate their experiences, skills, and growth during their incarceration to the career field and/or job of interest

  • Things that should be avoided in an interview

  • Positive aspects that employers look for 

Asian woman having a job interview
Reviewing CV


Any currently or formerly incarcerated person who requests resume services will be sent a "resume checklist." The checklist serves as a guideline for the necessary information that they will need to send back in order to receive a customized resume. 

Upon completion, each client will receive a PDF version as well as an editable copy of their resume. A letter of support may also be provided upon request at no additional cost.

On average, each resume takes three to four hours to complete in order to ensure that the wording, design, and information accurately articulates and displays your accomplishments in accordance with the desires and requirements of what the resume will be used for. 

Resumes are designed and tailored for:

  • Board of Parole Hearings

  • Employment

  • Educational or Vocational Programs

  • Entrepreneurship 

  • Personal Use

  • Misc. or Other Needs

If you would like to request EYF's resume services, please reach out using any of the provided contact information.

Resume Portfolio 

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